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5 for 4/19


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1.) Love - the warm fuzzy feeling of truly being in love & knowing that the feeling is mutual.

2.) All of the kind support from the wonderful people i've "met" on this site.

3.) One of my cats has taken to sleeping on my lap while I am napping in the recliner & my Hubbie tells me I am always smiling in my sleep when Callie is on my lap. She just makes me feel so unconditionally loved - I can't help but smile.

4.) Gabby (another one of my cats) has bonded with Hubbie. It is so wonderful to see them together.

5.) Last but certainly not least, Shadow (my first cat). He has always been my "health cat". He's been with me to soothe me through all of my surgeries & what not. He always seems to know when I need a little extra T.L.C. & he seems to instinctively know where not to step on me when something hurts. His love has carried me through a lot.

Hugs & prayers,


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*Brian feels better this morning

*Our family on LCSC

*Cindi closed on her house

*Uncle Doug's surgery for cath went smoothly

*All the cards Brian has been receiving, feeling supported by LCSC (someone always answers us so we never feel alone), children (My daughter-in-law fashioned a "chemo cap" for Brian and is mailing it today),neighbors and our Lord. When the path starts to darken He shines a little light so we can go on.

Happy Tuesday, dear ones.


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