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Taking a survey on mets


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I can never remember everyone's profiles. I am gathering some info for myself and others on where sclc mets tend to go.

Please just let me know, if you would where you have had mets and if they were totally eliminated by tx.

I will also post the totals I recieve.



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Hi Jen!!

Mine started as extensive-R lung, mediastinal area, vessels of the heart and L adrenal gland. Those areas have shown no change since chemo done to it since 2001. In 2003 the sc spread to the L lung, baseball size, after chemo again and this time radiation, no change in them since the end of 2003. Hope this helps.

Hope you are doing well.

Love Cindy

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Well...you pretty much know my history...but it was limited to left lung and mediastinal lymph nodes to begin with. TX took care of all of it. I was NED.

Recurrence to the liver four months from end of chemo (four tumors in liver - largest one is 4 cm) and to the pancreas (multiple masses). Onc said cancer may be "more generalized" in my gut....meaning there are tumors elsewhere that are too small to be picked up yet by MRI or scan.

Spleen was mentioned...but never confirmed to have tumors.

After three cycles of chemo...pancreatic mets are GONE...and liver tumors are half the size they were! :D Spleen, gall bladder, biliary tree all "unremarkable".

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I started out extensive stage with a couple Mets on my liver and one lesion on a rib plus the main tumor in ther right upper bronchial tube. All eliminated by Chemo

Several months later a tumor developed on my spine wrapped around the spinal cord, eliminated with radiation.

Acouple months later new mets started in shoulder, right shoulder blade, a couple of ribs, more in liver, plus return of origanal tumor and another lung tumor on left side. These were all shrinking, however spinal tumor went in opposite direction and started to regrow. No further treatment planned

I hope that helps you sweetie

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Wife started out extensive with 3.5cm to left lung and lesion's on liver, tx knocked both out and 5 month's remission then loss of balance and headache's with new CT find's tumor's to brain so 15 rd's of radiation and only time will tell if successful and mass to spine so now taking Topotecan weekly and Zometa monthly. (note it may be due to location of mass to spine but recieving tx to be safe as for now not 100% sure it's a tumor)...Hope this info help's....Larry

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Husband -

January - when diagnosed he had a large tumor in upper right lung, mets to several lymph nodes and a met to sternum. NSCLC Stage IV. Treatment knocked out the bone met first, then the original tumor and all but two of the lymph node mets. Those two places got very small but never did go away.

July - We held steady for a while, then those two places started growing again. Most of the Summer he felt good.

November - mets to other lymph nodes, his right lung again, then the fluid around the lung, all continued to get worse

January - everything worse, plus they said "to the bone." They never specified but we were guessing the right shoulder and ribs as that was where the pain and swelling were. There was a lump on the side of his right neck, they kept saying it wasn't cancer but I think they may have been wrong. The trouble seemed pretty much upper right quadrant of his trunk. As far as we know, it never did spread to the liver or brain. The testing stopped then.

February - it was over.

Best wishes, Margaret

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cough with blood, then dx SCLC at end of March 2003 with pnuemonitis. Start chemo and lung radiation then received PCI. Around 3 months after all treatment finished, found brain mets. Sticky brain mets which reoccurred in just 1-1/2 month, steriod-induced mental illness then lost some vision due to the second cranotomy, mental illness cured, but nasty infection on the wound, surgery again for cleansing the infection and removed the infected part of skull, then left side paralysed, infection still existed, neurosurgeon commented nothing they can do, unable to speak, then received 2-week antibiotics then finished, one week later started to have fever...oxygen facilitated for few days and on the last day he can't move his right hand and deceased on the same day (Apr29,04). :(:( I believe it's the infection killing my dad.

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Hello Jen,

I've only posted twice but wanted to provide info for your stat collection.

Husband Jim diagnosed Jan '04, extensive - Right Lung, Left Adrenal.

Tx seemed to resolve the adrenal and greatly reduce the lung tumor.

July '04 Pet showed increase in tumor activity in the lungs and was starting to put pressure on superior vena cava.

30 Chest Radiation Txs helped reduce lung tumors.

October '04 CT scan showed growth in the adrenal gland tumor. Started Topotecan. Was holding stable.

Mar '05 - determined Topotecan was not helping anymore. Adrenal tumor had tripled in size and MRI showed one brain tumor located in the center of the brain.

Managed 10 WBR treatments with daily oral VP16. Steroids were being reduced gradually during the treatments. At end of 10th WBR, was hospitalized with swelling to the brain. Increased steroids did not reduce the swelling and he passed away a week after entering the hospital.

Not the ending I like to post, but he never wanted to discontinue treatment so I am glad he got to do it his way. Hope the info helps,


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my husband dx-10/03--neck tumor-not orginial cancer site--dx with cancer of unknown origin-although onc felt it was nsclc.had medistinal masses present also- treatment with chemo for 14 months with no shrinkage of tumor.did do radiation in 11/04-01/05-finally shrinkage of tumor;neck tumor shrunk but cat scan 01/05-lung cancer-left upper lobe with presence on adrenal gland--possible liver cyst(or tumor) who know? rx now is avastin iv every 2 weeks and oral tarceva daily. stable as of now

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