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Steroids and radiation


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My mil finished 14 days of whole brain radiation( for small mets to the brain) last week . She has been taking steriods 4 times a day for swelling. She has a CT set for this week to check the swelling but has to stay on the steroids until she sees the doctor next week.

Anyway, since starting the WBR and steroids, her legs are so week that she can't stand up enough to get up the stairs to bed. She's had 3 different rounds of chemo and besides the hair loss, she hasn't had any side effects. Is this muscle weakness caused from the radiation? the steroids? or just the progression of the disease?

This has really taken a toll on her. She has been up beat, in high spirits through it all but lately, she is always depressed sounding. She talks about how miserable she is not being able to walk. I know that a possitive attitude helps with cancer and she's no loosing that too.

Any advice.

She was diagnosed 1 1/2 years ago with stage IV NSCLC. She's a non-smoker and 17year breast cancer survivor (stage I~mastectomy without any chemo or radiation). She's going to the U of Chicago if that matters.


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Hi Poggie,

I too had the leg weakness. I was on steroids too (Decadron, low dose). I had a hard time lifting myself up from a sitting position. I didn't have the strength in my legs. When I got off the steroids, it improved. Excercise is good, do some walking to strengthen her legs. Hope this helps...



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I had lung radiation and chemo which made me very weak. Also, I have been on steriods for some time. They also cause atrophy of the muscles. I live by myself. To get up the stairs is a chore. They are the worst. I crawl up them on all fours...like a monkey. It is the only way to go.

Some days, it is all I can do to get up the stairs just once. Other days maybe I can go up them 5 times. It is hard.

Cindi o'h

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