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Any Suggestions?


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Hi all, I don't know if this is the right place to post this, but here it is. I've been thinking a lot about my Mom lately; it's been 6 mos. now, and I want to put something on her grave for me and my family. She doesn't have a stone yet, Dad and I are going in may to pick one out. I just want to have something nice out there to say how much I love her. Any suggestions? I'd like to take it out there when I go up to Dad's in May. It's also been hard with Mother's Day coming up. The boys always made mom something and I see things and think," Mom would love that!" I will get my mother-in-law something, but it's just not the same as getting Mom something. Mother's Day is as hard as Christmas, if not harder, in a way.

Anyway, I want something that will hold up to this Indiana weather! Please let me know if anyone has any ideas. Thanks!

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I don't have any "great" suggestions, but just the fact that you are thinking so deeply about this says volumes about the love you have for your Mom. Everytime I go visit Daddys grave (usually once every couple of weeks) I buy something to bring with me... (he has no stone yet either). I have brought a celtic cross, a shamrock "thingy" you put in the ground, a Waterford Crystal Angel... I can never go empty handed, its so strange, because I feel like by leaving these things, others know how special this man was and still is to someone... plus, I could never go visit him in life empty handed and I think I still am carrying that over...Anyway, it gives me comfort, so I keep doing it. Hope you find the "perfect" token to leave your Mom. Love, Sharon

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I don't have any really good ideas but here are some things I have done.

Yesterday, I bought little American flags like you hold in your hand and took them to the cemetery and put them next to relatives until I ran out. Jim's cremains are not buried there yet but I put a flag where he and his marker will be.

Here at home, I bought several tubes of silver glitter and spread them over a rock garden where I have my dog's grave. Maybe they will sparkle in the sun. If not, I only wasted $4. I also bought some polished rocks and scattered them through the garden.

We burn paper trash and stuff out here, this is the countryside. When I want to send something to Jim, I burn it and just watch the smoke rise.

I think once he is buried, you aren't allowed to plant things there in the cemetery, but I think I might scatter some seeds, something low growing that the mower will go right over - assylum, something like that. I'll do it when no one is there to tell me not to. They will grow or not.

I have a couple of special occassions coming up in the next month. I am going to try to not think of them as hard but as special - I will take an hour or so and sit by the water and have a little one-sided conversation with Jim. Otherwise, I am going to try to ignore the date.

Just some ideas. I am not doing that great myself some times, just keep going. Margaret

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Thanks everyone, you've given me some great ideas! I agree with you Sharon, I guess I want everyone to see how loved she was, even if it is by what is out there. It's hard for me though to get out there since it is 3 hrs. away(I hate that!). Praying that thinks get better for everyone,

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My grandmother lived up in the mountains of WV. About ten miles away was the land of the "homeplace" where she grew up. that property was landlocked and on the side of a small mountain. One time, when I was in my late 20's and she was in her early '80s I guess, we parked the car on the side of the one lane country road near the mountain and walked up to where their house had been. nothing was left but a pile of rocks where the front steps had been, and on either side of the rocks were some old old irises growing, the same ones that grew there when she was a child. so we dug up a bunch and brought them back with us, I took some to my mom and I planted some in the small flower garden on my condo patio and then when Dave and I built our house I dug them up and moved them to our house. When Grandma died, I dug some up from my house and planted them on either side of her marker. they're doing well. but she's in a small country cemetary with no rules.

Kim, one thing I think you could do, is list the names of her children and grandchildren (well, if there might be future grandchildren maybe that would be a tough one) on her marker.

take care, Kim


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