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five for 4/20/05

Lisa O

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1. My mom born this day.

2. My nephew's fever broke.

3. This weather and my teenage daughter who actually went on a long walk with me yesterday.

4. A half day of school so I can enjoy my youngest daughter.

5. My great husband started working out and so did my niece!

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1) A phone call from someone I went through radiation with today...wonderful to hear from her, she's doing well and winning her battle with breast cancer.

2) Didn't water the "yard" last night and it DID finally rain.

3) Leftovers for dinner - easy to cook! Thankful for the microwave.

4) No need to go to the laundromat when I need clean clothes.

5) The youngest of the first family shaved to find a job! VERY thankful for that! (Looked like Shaggy from the Scooby Doo gang....no kiddin'!)

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1) The thrill that came along with being a part of the "live audience" at a Christina Pirello whole foods cooking show (to air in June!)last night :D

2) The bigger thrill to walk in the front door after the taping and have my husband and son look so happy to see me

3) Another sunny day in Philadelphia -- spring has sprung!

4) Savoring the sweet taste of Kiwi with my lunch

5) The wonderfully happy mood I woke up with this morning that seems to be lasting all day!

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