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Of birthdays, families and sucking it up


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For everyone who has read some of my journal entries and taken the time to give me positive feedback, thank-you. I hope I am conveying some of my feelings, hopes, fears and thoughts as I pass this way. I will continue to share them with you as I can, and if there are no objections. I've kind of bunched up 3 of them here, but it will bring y'all up to date. -Doug

Tuesday, April 19th(Mom’s birthday) Well, it’s rolled around again. That day we all knew was coming. Ta-Dah! Nana’s birthday! 84 years old today. I thought a simple family thing would be all that mom would want, so I invited Don and Barb and their family over for coffee and cake. In this case, cheesecake from Costco. For lunch she had her favorite – BBQ rotisserie chicken skin. This is where you buy a $6.00 rotisserie chicken from your local supermarket, carefully peel the BBQ encrusted skin off the breast and legs, give that to mom with a glass of milk, and spend another 20 minutes figuring out what you’re going to do with the rest of the bird. (Big sigh) This is one of those recipes I’m not putting in the family cookbook.

Don, and brood, showed up at 7:00 pm. Don, Barb, Chad, Daniel, Nicky and Anjuli, plus me and mom, quite filled the place up. Barbara brought a beautiful bouquet of 18 salmon-colored roses, which she trimmed and placed on the table. Don had earlier given mom a framed portrait of her and dad’s wedding picture. Tonight Barb gave her several books and a gift certificate to a day-spa of her choice for a “pamper yourselfâ€

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Doug, I sympathize. I'm in a similar situation -- sick myself, and my 91 year old mother has been ill and is in Texas. We can't be with each other, so the most I can do is talk to her frequently. She's doing much better and things aren't as dire with her as we thought a few weeks ago, but still -- at age 91 things can go south in a heartbeat. She's in good hands with her granddaughter who is an RN, and has home health care set up so that they have some relief.

As for me, I have no idea what I'll do when that time comes. Hope my kitties learn to open the fridge by then, I guess! :roll:


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