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Next Friday, April 29, is graduation at Florida State, and Becky will be awarded her PhD.

I would like to make a scrapbook of the occasion for Katie. And one of the things I would like to include are people's favorite stories or pictures of Becky. So please send them to me. E-mail is great, or pm me for my address. You can't have it, Snowflake. The number of pizzas I would have to send away would be too much. Not to mention the number of pizzas I would eat. I am down 20 pounds and I want to keep going south.

Please keep me and the rest of our family in your prayers this week as we prepare for another emotional journey. This represents the cumulation of so much effort, and I know Becky will be there with us and proud of her accomplishment.

And next Friday, be sure to raise a glass to Dr. Becky!


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I loved the picture Becky had on when she first joined. It was her holding a very young sleeping Katie on her chest. I hope you will include that. Also, it would be nice to put in the newpaper article that was done about her (I believe it was the school paper?).

I know it will be a beautiful ceremony.


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I'll drink to that! It's wonderful, Curtis, that you have this opportunity to celebrate Becky's accomplishments.

I know it will be sweet sorrow, but Katie will help you through it.

I agree with Ry -- that picture Becky had as an avatar is awesome, and should surely be included.

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Hi Curtis,

That is a great pic of Becky, In both pictures she has this angelic glow about her. She is beautiful...

She will be there to see you accept her PHD. And Dr. Becky will be rejoicing up there.

We are so proud of her here, as you are.

A scrapbook would be a great gift for Katie to have. She will have a momentum she will treasure the rest of her life.... priceless...Warmest thoughts go out to you and Katie. What a wonderful honor for all of you.


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That picture happened completely by accident. We were taking Katie to get her picture taken that September. Just a special at Walmart or whatever.

And they needed to take six poses, and on the third or fourth one, Katie blinked, and the photographer playfully scolded Katie for blinking. But Katie took it to heart and thought she had been bad and cried and cried.

Becky and I were both there in our Saturday attire, T-shirts, shorts, and sandals. Probably hadn't showered that day. But they wouldn't let us go without the six poses, and Katie was not sitting on that stool again. And so Becky scooper her up and they took the last two or three pictures together.

And now like so often when we thought we were taking pictures of Katie and she or I is on the outside of focus, it is really a picture of Becky. I know the home movies we have are like that; they follow Katie around when I so desperately wish they would follow Becky around.

Anyway, thanks Ry for mentioning that picture. I enjoy telling that story, though it does leave me in tears.


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