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Prayer request


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Today I visit the pulm. with my mom to see what the next step is with her spot on her lung. I did pretty well until this a.m. Please, even though we don't know 100% what we are dealing with, keep us in your prayers today. I am having a mini-meltdown here at work - good thing I'm the only one in this a.m. I just need to hold it together until after the appt. - I told myself I can cry AFTER, on my way home. Thanks,

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I think the crying thing is more pent-up nervousness from trying really hard to keep these emotions in check. After having her GP try to get her into my Pulm., and failing - I was able to talk to them yesterday and they agreed to look at her pictures themselves and try to get her in. That seems to make mom feel a lot better - and me too. Thanks for the response.

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Prayers coming your way sweetie, You are going through a hard time getting all the answers, it will go better when a plan is in place and you can feel like you are actually fighting back. Mean time, keep your chin up and cry when you need to. Many of us use the shower if we don't wan't anybody to know and that's OK too. Its a good release!



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Hi Terri,

I pray all comes out fine with your mom. More times than most anticipation is worse than the outcome. That happens all the time. Keep faith, honey,

Thinking of you and your mom and sending out positive vibes.


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