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Haven't found anything anywhere that specifies...but as fast as they got him on chemo, I'm betting it's small cell.

He was a smoker...years ago. Quit...then admitted he started up again during 9/11. Never did hear if he quit again or not.

I too, am hoping he will be more forthcoming...once tx gets underway and he gets a grip on his dx. I think for all of us...it takes a little time to absorb what is happening, but Jennings being in the public eye, he's in a GREAT position to really bring some attention to lung cancer...and specifically small cell, if that's what he has. Since small cell only affects 15-20% of l.c. patients...it could use the extra focus and attention in terms of treatment.

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I have not heard what type of lung cancer he has either. Just wanted to mention I had NSCLC and I was rushed into chemo and radiation to shrink the tumor in hopes I would be able to have surgery (which I did). So it is hard telling what kind he has. Donna G

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