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not LC related but Happy News


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I'm not sure everyone would think it was great news but I love Spring and new life so...

My little black and white Cat, Keeko, is going to have kittens of her own. She came to us as abandoned about a year ago and we took her in (I already have an assortment of pets and kids) but she needed us... We have tried faithfully to keep her in but one time was enough i guess. I took her in the past Monday to have her spayed and the vet called and said she was pregnant... So it looks like my already busy household is going to grow. Its strange but new life is just such an incredible thing to me now... I just can't wait. It's funny I used to be so picky about things but about 3 yrs ago now when they told me to make my final arrangements I really understood the things that are important to me. Now I live in a little 3 bedroom ranch with a husband, 3 kids, 4 cats (all strays) and 2 dogs. We have taken in the neighbors two kids pretty much all the time now (the kids eat supper and usually sleep at our house) because their parents are often drinking... but we make due. It's a circus most of the time... I also work two jobs. But my kids are doing well and they have learned the meaning of sharing, working hard, giving and appreciating what you have.

I just can't wait to watch these babies come into the world, to watch them play. Just thinking about life........

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Thanks for the post Tami. Cancer stops you in your

tracks, doesn't it. It DOES truly make you think of the wonderful things in life. When are your babies due? I believe cat carry for 63 days.

Good luck to you.

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Loved your post. Yes, you truly know what's important and have learned to live life to the fullest. Some people have extremely long lives and never reach this point.

Thanks for sharing and keep enjoying.


Gail P-m -- a mom of 4 (now grown kids) but I do have 2 dogs and 2 cats and look forward to grandkids but they're a long time off

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Hi Tani,

Wow, you really have a houseful. Plus your an expentant mother with multiple births. I say that becasue we all become mothers to our kitties. Your kids must be so excited.

You are a good soul for doing all that you do for your family, neighbors and strays!! Good luck with your crew, you seem to have your hands full, but you are handling it beautifully,

Let us know when the good news arrives.


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