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Appleton (Karen Hoover) Passed Away


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My name is David Franklin. I am Karen Hoover's eldest son.

I wanted to let everyone here know that Mom passed away yesterday at 12 noon.

It was a shock to each of us as Mom had been doing so well. I am not sure how much detail I should give, so I will explain why Mom passed at the end of the post for those who wish to know.

I wish each of you know the sense of community and camaraderie Mom found in the forums here. You were all special to her, and she would often talk of her friends here at LCSC. The comfort and information she found here helped her deal with her disease, and she was thankful to have found you.

Her passing was peaceful. I will provide more detail here now for those who wish it as I know you share this information with one another.

Mom had coughed up some small amout of blood Tuesday, and was admitted to the hospital. There was concern the cancer had returned thus several test were scheduled, including a Bronchostophy (sp?).

During the Bronchostophy Mom began to hemmorage, and they were unable to stop the bleeding. She went into cardiac arrest, and they were not able to revive her.

The doctor explained that the cancer appears to have eroded her pulmonary artery, and it was ready to go at any moment.

While we are shocked to lose her so suddenly and unexpectedly, we have some comfort in knowing that Mom went to sleep with the sedation with the full expectation to wake to a Sonic burger in her hospital bed, and a nice big Chili's ribeye when she got out of the hospital. We find comfort that she died with such pleasant thoughts, and did not have the artery burst while at home, etc...

Again thanks for the support and comfort you provided. Mom really loved all of you for it.

Anyone close wishing to speak with a family member can write me, DavidWFranklin@gmail.com



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I am shocked to read this. I had spoken with your mom numerous times as we lived fairly close to one another (Tyler here). She also had the same dx as my mom. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for taking the time to post this news.


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Thank you for letting us know this sad news about our friend. There is no happiness here except a peaceful feeling that she died with a smile and not in fear. May she rest in peace. I send my condolences to you and all of her family and friends.

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Thank you for letting us know, and my deepest sympathies to your family for your loss.

I do think it's rather lovely that you can look at this as you do...that your mom passed thinking she'd awaken to a Sonic burger and a ribeye. She is undoubtedly smiling down on her family for being grateful for the way in which she passed.

Again...thanks for posting and I'm so sorry. I hope your family finds comfort in all the wonderful memories.

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David, What a shock. I am so sorry to hear the news of your mom. I can imagine you are gaining some peace from the fact that she did die in her sleep, unaware of what was happening. I will pray for her peace now and for your family. Love, Sharon

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