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Spring's ultimate four-letter word...


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We're expecting up to six inches of snow tonight and more snow throughout the weekend.

...and last weekend, we topped out at 82 degrees...that Mother Nature, what a witch! Hey, RY, you're more south than we are, aren't you supposed to get even MORE snow?

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LOL Curtis that was cruel. :lol:

What I've heard for us is 2-4 Beck. I have been hoping it was a bad dream...after our warm weather last weekend I am all ready for summer. As I write this we're starting a fire in the fireplace...this is just not right. Both Caitlin and Jillian have soccer games this weekend...soccer in the snow should be interesting. :wink:

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Hey Snowflake,

It's coming, that I can tell you. Here in Illinois, it feels like early March tonight (was rainy, nasty, cloudy, bitter all day long). They are predicting winds more than 40mph tomorrow with sideways snow here....

Thursday night I cut grass in shorts. GEEZ!


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We've had some wierd weather changes here too! Yesterday morning I was at the beach with my son, getting a sunburn and by 1:00 in the afternoon we were piling on the clothes and by the evening, jackets! No wonder the boy is getting over croup! Other than that, the word of the day here is POLLEN! My black car has turned green!

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