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update on brother


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Things have been moving kind of fast with my brother. I posted a couple of weeks ago for the first time and told how my brother was diagnosed with nscls stage IV inoperable and had gone to Mayo's for a second opinion on treatment. After going to Mayo.s he ended up in the hospital with congestive heart failure so his chemo was delayed. He started his chemo 4 weeks ago and had 3 rounds which he did fairly well with until this past monday. Monday he again developed severe shortness of breath and ended up back in the hospital with congestive heart failure. He had 2 major heart attacks 10years ago followed by quadruple bypass but was still left with very poor pumping action of his heart. The doctors are thinking that the stress of the chemo may be too much for his damaged heart. He is still intubated and on a ventilator at this point. and we really don't know what is going to happen. I guess I am just looking for a little support and if anyone else has heard of or been in a similar situation. I know that everyone reacts differently to chemo but any thoughts would help. thanks


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So sorry to hear that Dawn. How scary for your brother to be going through so much after getting that horrible diagnosis. His whole world is turned upside down, You are a great sister to him by being there.

Prayers for a fast recovery from the hospital and to be able to go home.

Please take care Dawn, and keep us posted.


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Hi Dawn,

Just want to say how sorry I am that he is having such a rough time of it. My brother was intubated also and I just hated to see him so helpless. But, the bugger pulled out of it and got back on track for awhile longer after that.

As for me, the doctors denied that the chemo and radiation caused heart problems. But, this is my shell and I have been living in it for a long time and I KNOW that it caused troubles as that is when my symptoms began.

I hope that he pulls out of this and will be able to complete the chemo. I don't know if there is one chemo that is easier than another. Maybe your doctor knows, but, like I said, mine were in denial that chemo was tough on my heart.

I do remember that my counts were low and that I got stacked red blood cells that did seem to help with my heart. I had tacchycardia...(fast beat).

Cindi o'h

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My husband's heart was also damaged from one of his chemo drugs. The oncologist said he didn't think it was the chemo, but I looked it up on the net and found that chemotherapy can cause damage. I hope he pulls through this and does well. Hang in there.


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Thanks so much to all for all your prayers and support. I do realize that his heart was damaged before he was diagnosed, but honestly believe that the chemo has done some damage because even compare to last time he had congestive heart failure his heart is much weaker. They doctors forget that I am a nurse practitioner and can read the numbers on the ventilators and understand what they mean. Then they try to sell you another story. oh well it is very frustrating. As of today they are thinking of TRYING to wean him starting tomorrow. So hard to see him this way and to watch his wife sit there hour after hour. I am not a very good sitter or very patient i am afraid. Thanks again for your thoughts and prayers.


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