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It's not going well...

gerbil runner

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Mom (bellringer) is not doing so well. Radiation is complete, and the brain met symptoms are gone, but Mom is very weak and getting weaker by the day. Her dr. pulled her off steroids fairly quickly, thinking they wer causing the large muscle weakness, but even off all steroids she is rapidly getting weaker. She has fallen several times. Hospice has been called to help with safety and mobility issues. I am cutting back at work to spend more time with them. Mom can't be left alone anymore because of the falls.

Dad, Mom and I are afraid the beast is back elsewhere. Mom is very short of breath and has lost all appetite, in addition to the weakness. Mom has scans this week, so we'll know more later. I have no idea at this time whether Mom would opt for more chemo. She still wants more time, I know, but... we'll cross that bridge later, I guess.

Prayers for all of you, too. I've kept up with the news, even though I don't post much. Betplace, Dave & Karen, and cathyr - you especially have been in my thoughts lately. Hoping for the best for us all.

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IMO it could very likely be the radiation. My wife received both WBR and spine radiation at the beginning of her cancer treatment in June ' 04. She tolerated it very well. In fact, so well that it left us with the impression that radiation would be a breeze for her. This past Feb. ' 05 she needed more L-spine radiation. A three week course of tx was ordered. Two days into the radiation she began complaining of unusual weakness, fatigue, SOB, etc. At two weeks these symptoms were extreme and the radiation was stopped. She was hospitalized in the very serious condition that I previously reported. Consensus opinion is that the combination of cummulative chemo effects plus a worsening cancer condition set the stage for the radiation tx to push her over the edge.

Best of luck to you.

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