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Your experience with Radiation for brain tumor's???


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Would like to know if what wife is experiencing is normal and other's experience with radiation to brain for multiple lesion's as she is now over a month out from her radiation and the last two week's she has lost alot of strenght and endurance. With visit to Doc (onocologist) last thursday he said she was doing really good and most of her problem's such as nauseau and tiredness along with her loss of strenght and endurance were the after affect's of the radiation and he implied that there would be these problem's for along time and of course the 2-3 yr's down the road with severe short memory losses.He has scheduled a head MRI for May 16th to see how well the radiation did on her tumor's. She also is recieving Topotecan weekly with Zometa monthly..Thank's all for your input on this...


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I have not had radiation to the brain. My mom did and lots of others on here have.

My observation of her was she did have the same symptoms your wife is having. Radiation tx effect the person for a long time! after the tx are completed.

Lots of rest helped my mom. She did eventually get back some of it and did fair.


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Hi Larry

My Mum finished WBR in February, and it was in about early April that she started having pretty bad nausea and fatigue. We were all really worried about her as didn't understand how these symptoms could be attributed to WBR that had been finished a couple of months earlier. However, her nausea has now pretty much subsided now and the fatigue is greatly improved too. I hope this helps to give you some comfort.



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