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This has nothing to do with losing a love one to LC.

This is about my husbands bestfriend's sister who Joel has known for over 40 years. They are Flordia transplants from the Philly area. Merel and her husband Lenny and daughter Shalyn, moved to Fla. about 4 years ago to be near her mom and to start a new life.

Well, they lost their only child, Shalyn over the weekend due to a car accident. Shalyn was their shining star, everything revolved around her. She was incredibly geogeous and a wonderful young lady with a shinning personality, everyone who knew her, loved her.

She was 20, a second year college student coming home for the passover holiday. What happened, maybe we will never know.

Apparently, for some unknown reason, she was traveling the wrong way on the Fla. state turnpike and went head on into a car and killed a mother and 2 young children, plus herself. The third child is in critical condition but will make a full recovery. This happened at 12:44 AM. There was no witnesses, so they were probably the only 2 cars at that time. How ironic is that? What I don't understand is, how could she get to the other side of the turnpike, isn't there a barrier that separates the north lane from the south?

She has been tested for Acohol and drugs. We don't know the results yet.

They are flying here on Wed as Shalyn is being buried in a family plot in Philly.

What do you say to these parents? I have been so devestated since I heard the news.

Also, the other family according to the father(who was not with them) said they were coming from church. Church at that time? Anyway, just makes you wonder about religion. I mean they were coming from a place of worship for G-d and they were killed. I don't understand that. I know we are not suppose to question why... but

This is so tragic for all involved. Lives are changed forever because of this.

I am not looking foward to this funeral on Wednesday.

Just say some prayers for strength for Merel and Lenny, who had the light of their life snuffed out. Also for the Jones family...



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I am so sorry for this. It is a reminder to count my blessings, that things could have been so much worse.

I don't think there are answers. I think when people die so young as this woman and my Becky did, that they are accepted home by God rather than called home.

As to what do you say to the parents, a simple "I am sorry" is the best we can do. Sit with them, and eat their pie, and share their grief.


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So sorry to hear. Yes, yes tragic loss. I have found no answer ever to the "why". This question remains to me one of the greatest of life's mysteries. The

"why" question will always keep me from acceptance.

Sorry for your pain and the pain that the family and friends are going through. It is torture for so many.

Cindi o'h

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