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Mike's diagnosis-pneumonitis


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Hi Everyone,

I had posted on the 18th/19th on testtime/ result time about Mike's initial results and problems, but this is the story now. He went to the oncologist today for his report on the scans of April 18th after 6 Alimta treatments. The scans showed stable disease at this time He has been stable for quite some time, but they also showed pneumonitis. He says the pneumonitis is caused by chemotherapy. It's inflammation of the lung (he only has one). The hope is to reduce the inflammation, wihout leaving behind too much scarring, and be able to continue treatment later.

Currently , he is on prednisone, was 60 mg this past week, will be 50 mg this next week and 40 mg for the next 6 weeks after that. He is also on 24/7 oxygen. In just the first week, he is already showing improvement in his breathing. The response is expected to be slow. Otherwise, he is feeling pretty good.

The next plan is for a scan of the chest on June 2nd to see how he is doing and evaluate the situation then. He will see the pulmonologist on the 2nd and on the 6th ( our 35th wedding anniversary), we will see the oncologist again. This all means a 2 month chemo break which Mike welcomes. He has had 5 different lines and it's time for a break. We thank God, he feels no pain anywhere and is showing improvement. I am asking for your prayers, please, for continued healing and no progress of disease so he can return to treatment in June. Thank you... Love and Prayers to all of you.

Love, Sue

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Prayers on the way! I'm glad he is not feeling too badly and that this will give him a little break. I'll certainly be praying that there is no progression and after some rest and relaxation treatments can continue and you can stay in Stableland, or even go chasing after Mr. NED for as long as possible.

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Hi Sue.

Bummer about the pneumonitis. I like the way Mike's doc is treating it aggressively. I had a wussie doctor for the first two years and didn't get the iflammation out and it just continued on. Now I am getting some treatment since Nov..and it is going to take longer than it otherwise would have if we had taken care of it initially. Hope that this treatment does the trick for Mike. Shortness of breath is no fun. Glad there is such a thing as oxygen to keep his head above water.

Will be praying for some healing of Mike's lung, Sue.

Thanks for the heads up.

Cindi o'h

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