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Ron's first treatment today


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Hi everyone,

Ron's back on a medical floor with a 12 inch gash in his chest that's healing amazingly well. He now understands why the nurses kept asking him if he wanted something for pain. He was wondering why they kept on him when he didn't need pain meds. He was surprised to see the size of the incision. We were picturing a little window just big enough to get a tube into drain the fluid around the heart. Boy, what a surprise we all got.

He is having his first treatment of taxotere today - one of 6-10 everything three weeks. A check after 3 treatments will be done to see if the chemo is working. The oncologist and lung guy are extremely pleased with Ron's progress. They're actually chuckling when they see him and can't believe the progress he's made in one week since he visited death's door. His weight before entering the OR last Saturday was 258 - he was about 240 before he began his diet, walking etc. one week earlier. He now weights 222. Between the removal of fluid and not eating a whole lot for over a week and maybe the ca he's lost 36 lbs!

He was in pretty good cheer today when I saw him at lunchtime. I'm heading back up this evening - hopefully he tolerated the treatment pretty well. He should be released from hospital within two to three days.

Thanks for the prayers that have gotten him back to the point that the doctors are not writing him off. His oncologist never did, but was very, very concerned about the additional complications that had developed over such a short period of time.

He's back and going to fight. He wants to get another summer of boating in at least!!!!


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