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Had my Cat Scan today at Roswell Park and let me tell you all that ALIMTA ROCKS!!!!!!!! Thirty percent shrinkage in main tumor and significant improvement in all other areas. Doc says if I can stand it she would like to do two more, so BRING IT ON!!! GET ER DONE!!!!! Cindi, open the bar please. Four fingers of rotgut bourbon in a minnow bucket!!!!!No ice. More later. Thank God.


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GREAT NEWS CHARLIE D... :mrgreen: That is what I like to hear music to my ears.

Keep it comming....

Next round of drinks on me Charles. A toast to more shrinkage resutlts.... shrinking into nothingness.

Charlie Iam soooo happy for you!! :lol:


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Not to be too irreverent or sexist...but there are times in a guy's life when shrinkage is a good thing, eh? :wink:

So where are you, Charlie. I've been here at Cindi's with my Margarita/rocks/salt just waiting for you to show up. I can't wait to see you drink out of a minnow bucket!! Cindi sterilizes them you know....for those of us on chemo! 8) Although if you're gonna drink rotgut bourbon, one would have to wonder....What's the point of a sterilized bucket?

Oh who cares about all that...will somebody pass the bar munchies, please....? :D

Congrats, Charlie...this is really great news and merits a major celebration!

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This is fantastic news! Shrinkage is a great word, isn't it???? :D I'll have a frozen margarita with salt please!

This is very encouraging to me, as my symptoms are beginning to worsen and I believe my next course of action is also Alimta.

Thanks for the good news!


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