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A three week ongoing anniversary


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Today marks the one year anniversary of Len's surgery. I'm so glad we're here today, not back there. But the last three weeks have been quite strange -- sort of like a time warp, with memories popping up. It was a year and three weeks, less one day that he coughed up blood, went to the doctor, had an xray, then a ct scan the next day and was given the first, tentative, diagnosis. The following Monday he went in for a biopsy and had his lung collapse. We confirmed the lc diagnosis a day later, then by the end of that week, after other tests, planned on surgery.

Then a year ago today they went in and removed the upper right lobe. Seems like an eternity ago -- and yet also a nanosecond. He did well for a day or so, then went into respiratory distress and ended up 20 hours or so on a ventilator. I had kept it pretty together until then but became something of a basket case, blubbering everytime someone came into the CCU room. But he bounced back and here we are today.

We're living from test to test -- another one coming up the middle of May -- but so far, so good. Now I have to light something under him and get him back to walking and exercising and expanding those lungs. He's pretty recalcitrant about the whole thing. I'm hoping that the oncologist will read him the riot act when he sees him.


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Congrats on a full year. That's a wonderful milestone because some of us don't get that long a reprieve before this nasty beast is back and we just have to do battle again!!

So...enjoy it and know it's important that he's gotten this far and his scans remain clean! :) I'd say it calls for some sort of celebration. Have you ever been to Cindi's Virtual Pub? Please do join us there for a libation or two. Perhaps you and Len could walk to the pub so he gets a little exercise along the way...eh? :wink:

Seriously...this is wonderful to have gotten to this milestone place....so enjoy each moment of it!

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Ellen: congratulations on Len's one year milestone. I have had 2 lung surgeries and after each one I walked and exercise faithfully. I have found it to be a way to help keep me focused and hopefullly well. My walk is the high point of my day. I have only one lung now, and can walk a mile in 16 minutes. I hope you can talk Len into walking. with summer approaching, there will be lots of nice days for walks.

Don M

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We'll be there (Cindi's bar) as soon as we can -- but walking there from here MAY take a bit! Still, it's exercise (for the legs and lungs; then for the elbow when we get to the bar....)We'll take scotch, please, neat for Len, watered down for me.

Thanks everyone for your encouragement. I'm thinking of all of you every day.

Ellen (and Len too, of course)

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