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Need surgery

Cindy RN

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I wanted to let you all know I have to go in Thursday this week for more surgery on my R leg. The one I broke in 2003. The plate they screwed into the bone for support is coming unscrewd AGAIN! This time they are removing the whole thing. It is supposed to be one day in the hospital. IT BETTER BE!!

Any how I will check in afterwards and let you know how I am doing. I am going to ask to bring the plate and screws home with me! I paid for them Right? I think it is the least they can do :shock::shock::shock:

Love Cindy

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Will be sending "new secure plate" vibes your way on Thursday, Cindy. Hope they get it right this time! :roll:

So tell us...what are your plans for the old plate and screw? Decorative wall art? A new way to display fruit on the kitchen table? A lethal frisbee? Hmmmmmm? 8)

Report in as soon as you can...but I know this time, all will go well.

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Hi Cindy,

I had a plate and screws removed from my wrist after a bone graft. I could not believe how long the screws were! I kept mine for a souvenier. I was kind of disappointed that I never set off the airport alarms. Good luck with the surgery, it's not as bad coming off as going on.

Karen H

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Will be thinking about you Cindy, and sending out leg prayers :lol:

You could use the nuts and bolts to make a stool so you could use it to rest your leg on it. :roll:

Anyway, I will be thinking of you and hoping for a speedy recovery,


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