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Guest spiritual

Has anyone experience numbness on one side of the body (face, shoulder, arm, fingers, legs, knees, toes) from being on Tarceva?

Also, where can I read the latest CT scan results from those who have been on tarceva.

I have been on Tarceva since 2/17/05 and will have a CAT scan done in May to see if the Tarceva is working.

I have stage IV NSLC and though I am on my 2nd year as a survivor it is a bit nerve racking since the doctors have given me a 2 year life expetancy back when I was diagnoise 2/10/04. I AM A FIGTHER and I live for one day.

Thank you all for being here. GREAT SUPPORT AND INFORMATION site. I don't feel alone.

Bless you all,

spiritual in California

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My husband has numbness from another chemo he was on but nothing from tarceva. Tarceva is holding him stable, he was on Iressa prior to that (see my profile) I hope the tarceva is working for you. It is working for many on the board. Let us know how your scans go.

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