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This is an e-mail we received recently.

Rather than input our own suggestions, we thought we would put this on the message board for everyone to benefit from. Please if you have suggestions or recommendations on any helpful LC books or similar- Reply here!!

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I am looking for a couple book recommendations for a man recently diagnosed with lung cancer. He was an avid fisherman and hunter. Any recommendations for similar situation?

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If you want a book to learn about lung cancer Lung Cancer: Myths, Facts, Choices--and Hope

by Claudia I., Ph.D. Henschke. I bought this and passed it on to someone else on this site.

If you want books to give hope, the Dr. Bernie Siegel books are wonderful, especially on tape to listen to on the way to appointments etc.

Hope that helps.

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Not specifically LC....but Lance Armstrong's, It's Not About The Bike was very inspiring and an interesting read in general.

His testicular cancer had gone to the lungs AND brain by the time it was found....so while not specifically about lung cancer...there is the link with lung mets and also with Lance being a sportsman.

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