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DavidC Where are YOU?

Connie B

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My Dear DavidC.

I have been reading over and trying to catch up with some of the board being I was on vacation for a while.

Well, low and behold my friend, I haven't come across any messages from YOU! I know Karen has been trying to keep everyone up to date on your treatments, etc., and she is doing a good job, but it sure would be nice to see YOU post now and again.

How about giving us an update and how your doing and what's going on with you. (((((DAVID)))))

I know your entire family has a full plate, and I think your Parents are still helping you and Karen out during all this havoc of cancer issues, aren't they? God Bless 'em! It's nice that you have parents that are able and willing to help you all out. My mom was always a great help to me as well. I'm sure Karen's mom would rather be helping out then going through what she is. (sigh) This cancer journey, SUCKS, but we hit the bumps head on and then we jump over them and continue our battle. (as you well know)

Well, I for one miss seeing YOUR posts. So, how about popping in now and then?

Love & Hugs to you and the family,

Connie B

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Nope, he's not in Vegas, I just came from there and I can assure you he looks a lot better then some of those show-girls! :shock::P

David, don't make us come in there after you! :lol: David, can you hear me NOW? Get up and come to the puter, your fan club is calling you!!! Come out, come out where-ever you are!

Warm and Gentle Hugs,


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Okay ladies, between telling David to come out of the closet, and accusing him of living a secret life as a drag queen in Vegas, no wonder he doesn't want to come out. :wink::lol:

We are one sad fan club David, but you'll have to settle :shock: . Hope your feeling more like yourself soon...

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Hey, guys and gals, fans of Big Dave, I hope he posts soon . . . but the truth is, he's not feeling very well these days and doesn't have much motivation. Plus, the 'puter at home got a virus and he was afraid to get on line until he fixed it I think. He doesn't feel well enough to converse with me much (the little tiny bit of time that I am at home!!!!) so I'm not sure what the status of the virus is at this point. But I will add "posting to LCHelp" to my list of naggers.

He's pretty beaten up, or down, or whatever, poor thing. He's been through ALOT in the last two years, and even for a big healthy 40 year old, it's getting pretty hard on his body.

Anyway, I talked to him about an hour ago, and he was on the way home from chemo (his Dad drove him, that's how beat up he feels) and I'm trying to leave him alone, every time I call him I get this "what now" sort of tone of voice, I think the phone wears him down, too. but I will try to get him on line next time we speak.

by the way, my favorite cousin is the Operations Director for the Las Vegas tourism bureau. After Dave is well, I betcha he could get him a sweet gig as a drag queen in some fancy show out there! yuk yuk


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