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An Update On Frank // 04/26/05

Frank Lamb

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Thanks again to all of you for your support(it is very much appreciated).

As you all know I have been getting beat up pretty good this time around with the chemo & radiation.They have stopped the chemo treatments this time as I have so many problems with so many different unhappy body parts (bowels,bladder,bag,blood,on an on.)

They are giving me 3 more radiation treatments and then stopping that as it has destroyed much of the tumor around the windpipe but has not made a dent on the tumor itself (inside).

The VA has spent the most of its arsenal.They are sending me to a UPMC Shadyside Hospital near by that has a couple options available that they are not able to perform.

One is a cyberknife on the tumor itself but my surgeon doesn't like idea cause he says when they do that on the brain its very sucessful but the head is motionless during treatment,part of the tumor is in airway in remaining lung and it would be moving with breathing.

The other is a seed implant directly into tumor using a bronscopopy type procedure.I'm going Thursday after radiation to this hospital for a consultation & all my records & scans to find out if I am even a candidate for this.One procedure costs 40,000 $s.If I am a candidate they will pay the fee.

Bottom line I was told they are about out of options although he has a couple last ditch ways to go.I'll let you all know what happens as soon as I find out.

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Hi Frank,

I love your optimism... actually that is one of the things that radiates from you. That movitational force you have within you. Keep it up!!

Thinking about you and praying you get the right treatment that will work for you.

Prayers to you as always.

Sorry you are going through such a hard time right now.


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I'm still praying for you very hard- everyday- that one of these treatments is a total success.

Know how much you are loved, and how many are praying for you-


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I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the brachytherapy (seeding of tumor with radioactive pellets) is as effective for you as it has been for a friend of mine in my local community. She was in truly terrible shape last summer when I was having radiation treatments. You should see her now! She looks wonderful, and she is out and about and enjoying herself.

Hang in there, my friend.

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I am hoping your doctor has another rabbit up his sleeve. Not sure you were here when Ada was a member but she also had the brachytherapy. I hope all goes well whatever you pick. Thinking of you and wishing you well.


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Oh, I like what Fay said about her friend...so I'm just gonna hope that if you go with that option, you'll have EQUALLY wonderful results!!

Thanks for checking in Frank...and PLEASE feel better soon. It ain't easy keeping all this beer cold! :wink:

Hugs to you and Connie.

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There is one good thing in your post. They DO want to send you somewhere that has many more options than you have where you are. I pray this will be the fix. Seeds sound good to me and I sure hope that you are a candidate for whichever option you decide upon. There are too many jokes to be told and too much beer at Cindi's bar waiting on you for you to get too far down right now. Thinking of you and wishing you good stuff soon.


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Dear Frank,

Just wanted to share with you that one of my Support Group members here did that seeding of the tumor as well, and she too is doing well. She had it done about 7 or 9 months ago. But, all is going good for her.

Best wishes to you.

You and Connie are in my prayers.



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