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Looks like Earl is going to get the radiation


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The radiologist's nurse just called and scheduled an appt with the rad and an appt for the planning session for the radiation.

I guess the thoracic surgeon convinced the onc rad that it was a good idea (since the surgeon said is was a preventitive measure, I won't say that the rad was necessary)

My wonderful honey has committed since day of dx that we would take the most aggressive approach they offered. I truly do want every effort to get rid of this crappy disease, but my heart just aches to see him have to suffer any more.

He still has the dizzies, no taste or appetite, slow concentration etc etc, but we can see small improvements. In face we are getting a pizza tonight.

Oh well, if he can bear up, so must I. I guess at most it is 7 weeks????

Prayers please for none of those crumby side effects.

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Hope all goes well with the radiation treatments.

It sounds like the Dr.s are being aggressive with

Earls treatment. That's a good thing..

Good Luck and Bless you Both

Janet K

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Well it seems like the decision has been made and I'm sure its the right one. My Mom is considering having the PCI radiation done. We make the best decision we can and then it is in hands of the higher Powers. God bless you both!!

Laurie :D

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Ginny and Earl, I think that being aggressive in treatment is a good thing. I will keep you guys in my thoughts and please continue to let us know how you BOTH are fairing. May the side effects be minimal and the benifits be MAXIMUM :D !!! I have a hunch that he'll do alright. He seems determined, and with a wonderful wife like you by his side-let's just say-I'm glad I'm not one of those cancer cells!!! :D:D Take care, hugs and prayers to you both, Deb

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