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Elaine...Where are you ?


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I have seen Elaine lurking on the board often this last week or so. Although I just came back on about over a week or so myself, but I have seen her. She did post to someone just the other day. Can't remember where it was or to who.

Elaine, Did you get move? Weren't you and your hubby moving? And did you ever get your doctor's issues taken care of? Sure hope things worked out for you. Back a few months ago, you were really going through some major stuff with your doctor's and your diagnosis.

Speaking of moving, my hubby and I went through your wonderful City, going to Vegas and coming back from Vegas. I waved at you as we passed through. :) Come to think of it, we got in a nasty snow storm going down to Vegas in Wichita. We could have done without that! :roll: Oh well, we made it.

Best wishes and when you have time, maybe you can give us an update on your situation.

Warm and Gentle Hugs,


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