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Levaquin & Liver Enzymes


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Good Morning Everyone,

We finally are getting some answers from all our tests last week. For now, Bill's liver counts are back within a "safe" range and slowly returning to normal. Between the ultrasound on the liver and the counts going back down, the oncologist has admitted that he no longer suspects the cancer has spread to the liver. After ALOT of research and tests into what caused the alarming increase, it's been "decided" that the high dosage of Levaquin (a powerful antiobiotic from the family of fluoroquinolones) was the reason for the elevated liver enzymes. Just a heads-up to anyone taking this antiobiotic to have your doctor closely monitor liver function. For now...we have some relief and have learned a huge lesson about jumping to conclusions and over-reacting.

Hope our scare and lesson might help others avoid the same.

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Our pharmacists at the hospital I work assist by monitoring ( even ordering tests) and ajusting the Levaquin dose because of this . It a great antibiotic but does need monitoring. Donna G

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Thanks for sharing your research on "Levaquin". Last week one of my PH nurses told me she worked on a Levaquin research project using children as the subjects. She said within 6 mths the kids were being treated for joint pain. It's too bad these things aren't regularly shared with patients. This drug is now on my "Allergic Reaction" drug list. I'm still suffering from intense shoulder and upper arm pain. My rheumatologist is suggesting more cortizone shots....but this time in my shoulder joints. Taking this antibiotic is not worth it. Considering Bill's liver problem and the scare you both have been through...it's hard to believe one drug can wreak so much havoc. It's good to know his cancer is still stable.

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