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"Of Babies Butts and Canadian Counterparts"


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Journal Excerpt:

Tuesday, April 26th I am here to tell you that I have officially become a part of the chemical family. As usual, before heading to the hospital to climb into the ring with another bag of chemo, I showered, shaved, and put on my best ‘bib and tucker’. (The ‘bib’ part comes in so handy with the catheter, the ‘tucker’ part I’ve never been able to figure out anyway.) That evening, at home, I ran my hand over my face and performed one of those visual double-takes normally reserved for silent film actors. Where the hell was my beard? For forty years I have had one of the heaviest beards in my family. (On the male side, anyway. You may have seen my Aunt Emily featured recently on a Discovery channel segment titled “Queens of the Sideshowâ€

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Doug, that's really sweet - and your usual great sense of humor shines through!

Sadly, I fear that Mr. Jennings battle will be largely secretive. As with most celebrities, they have the resources to hide away and battle their demons. I may be wrong, but I just don't see him spearheading any great efforts on behalf of people with lung cancer. Instead, I see him keeping things private, and the next we hear may be of his demise, or maybe a remission when he shows back up in his chair on the nightly news a few times.

Has anyone heard anything about Peter Jennings since the first few days after his announcement? I surely haven't. Contrast that with Tony Snow from Fox News who has colon cancer, and recently had surgery. On their web site, he's kept a running account of what's going on with him, people write to him, and he answers their questions about his treatment and experiences.


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You just kill me with some of the ways you put words together. You are a talent!

I never had to worry about the moustache :lol::lol::lol: BUT MY HAIR!! I wore hats (scarves really) and the one thing that was Nice about it was people KNEW what was wrong with me and they were always so nice! Let me go at the front of the line, take this chair, etc!

NOW it's back to norm. I AM NOT COMPLAINING THO, I like normal!


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