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Surgery Postponed....

Fay A.

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This delay actually worked to my advantage. I woke up at 5 AM with a sore throat. I had planned to show up at the surgical center and let them decide if surgery should proceed. But the surgeon telephoned me this morning and told me that they decided to cancel the procedure for today and reschedule at the main hospital sometime over the next few weeks.

As the day continued I felt more and more like I was coming down with something (low grade fever and other cold/virus symptoms), so I didn't drive to the lab and pick up a copy of the results from my blood tests done yesterday.

I really believe that God watches over me. I think that HE has some purpose for me that I have not yet met.

But the delays are getting to me. I sometimes think that the powers that be are engaging in delaying tactics, deliberately. Just Frustrated.

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