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To InCalifornia

Fay A.

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Hi, Inca,

You wrote this:

"This is sucha a nightmare, he just got laid off too at teh WORST time in his life..."


Was this a general lay off at your brother's place of employment, and others were laid off, too? Because if he was singled out then maybe you folks should be contacting an attorney about discrimination of the disabled, as well as wrongful termination. Contact State disability, as well as Social Security to see what he may qualify for in the way of income and medical assistance.

Look, if you have a way to transport your brother to a major comprehensive cancer center for evaluation you might want to consider doing so. You may have to travel. Is he up to a long drive?

Here's a list of the NCI-Comprehensive Cancer Centers in Calfornia:



Theodore G. Krontiris, M.D., Ph.D.


City of Hope National Medical Center &

Beckman Research Institute 1500 East Duarte Road

Duarte, California 91010-3000

Tel: 626/256-HOPE (4673)

Fax: 626/930-5394

(Comprehensive Cancer Center)

Walter Eckhart, Ph.D.


Cancer Center

Salk Institute 10010 North Torrey Pines Road

La Jolla, California 92037

Tel: 858/453-4100 X1386

Fax: 858/457-4765

(Cancer Center)

Robert T. Abraham, Ph.D.


Cancer Research Center

The Burnham Institute 10901 North Torrey Pines Road

La Jolla, California 92037

Tel: 858/646-3100

Fax: 858/713-6274

(Cancer Center)

Dennis A. Carson, M.D.


Rebecca and John Moores UCSD Cancer Center

University of California at San Diego 9500 Gilman Drive

La Jolla, California 92093-0658

Tel: 858/822-1222

Fax: 858/822-1207

(Comprehensive Cancer Center)

Judith C. Gasson, Ph.D.


Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center

University of California Los Angeles Factor Building, Room 8-684

10833 Le Conte Avenue

Los Angeles, California 90095-1781

Tel: 310/825-5268

Fax: 310/206-5553

(Comprehensive Cancer Center)

Peter A. Jones, Ph.D.


USC/Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center

University of Southern California 1441 Eastlake Avenue, NOR 8302L

Los Angeles, California 90089-9181

Tel: 323/865-0816

Fax: 323/865-0102

(Comprehensive Cancer Center)

Frank L. Meyskens, Jr., M.D.


Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center

University of California at Irvine 101 The City Drive

Building. 23, Rt. 81, Room 406

Orange, California 92868

Tel: 714/456-6310

Fax: 714/456-2240

(Comprehensive Cancer Center)

Ralph W. deVere White, M.D.


UC Davis Cancer Center

University of California, Davis 4501 X Street, Suite 3003

Sacramento, California 95817

Tel: 916/734-5800

Fax: 916/451-4464

(Cancer Center)

Frank McCormick, Ph.D.


UCSF Comprehensive Cancer Center & Cancer Research Institute

University of California San Francisco 2340 Sutter Street, Box 0128

San Francisco, California 94115-0128

Tel: 415/502-1710

Fax: 415/502-1712

(Comprehensive Cancer Center)

Top of page

contact the patient advocacy office to find out how you can have your brother seen at one of these facilities.

Good Luck,

Fay A.

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Hi Fay

Answering your question!

He was at this job for about a year (Construction Co.). After being hospitalized with pneumonia his primary doctor gave him temporary disability from Febrauary till the end of May. The second week of April he was laid off (the only one to my knowledge)... They told him that the Health Insurance will be good till the end of April and after that, he would have to get cobra. He is in his late's forty's so he can't get Medical/medicare (65 and older)... His doctor gave him permanent disability now... So we are applying for social security for him... I'm wondering why he got permanent disability, the doctors don't say much but I have suspicions that they might think this is terminal., I hope not... We really need to get more opinions but everything cost money:-(

Thank you for your input...

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