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I am back in the States


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Tanx guys,¨

hey what is pancost? I feel so stupid maybe I should know? hehehe, I was so confused about Mom and her staging. I tried to know, but it was so hard to understand.

Thanks for the warm welcome back and I am now here to stay for a while

I am also going to start a walk here in AZ, aimed for Nov 2006, but we'll see how it goes.


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Welcome Home Sunshine!

It's SOOOOO good having you home in the States. :D

When you have time, it would be nice if you would give all of your old buddy's here an update on what you have been up to, and let our new friends get to know and love you as us old timers do. :wink:

Just seeing your face on the puter is a highlight for me! ((((((((STEPH))))))))))

Be looking forward to hearing how your doing and seeing you post more often now that your back. I know you will be a GREAT asset to many of our nrw members here at LCSC. Your love and support here (and sadly enough) your knoweledge will be a great help to others. I'm just so proud and pleased that your willing to rejoin us and help others along this journey. And when you need some TLC we're here for you also.


Love ya,


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