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Moms very sick


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Please pray for my mom. She is back in the hospital and not doing well. She has had a very hard time eating do to the pain from the radiation on her esophagus. Plus she has had diarrhea for weeks and just cant get rid of it. Yesterday she seemed to be doing fairly good and then began to go down hill fast. We rushed her to the emergency room. I could just scream and swear at the way this hospital doesn't work. She has been there since 5pm yesterday and they have done basically nothing. Yes she is on an IV which took forever IMOP and also had 2 transfusions, as her red blood cells were down do to last weeks chemo. They suspected a urinary infection. I asked several time today have they gotten the results and they kept saying not yet but soon. Around 5pm today the nurse comes in to get another sample they just realized they never had an order to check for an infection Well we were very angry as her fever has increased 103.9 ( not good for a 75 year old) and no antibiotics have been started. Then they try to give her Tylenol in pill form when she is barely awake and having a hard time swallowing We raised more cane and they are getting some blood tests done stat! I spent the night last night and my sisters are spending the night tonight. I am just so angry! And so sad I feel like we are losing her and no is trying to help. Sorry this is so long I just needed to vent. thanks for reading and please pray.

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Sorry your Mom is having such a rough time. Those hospital people should be shot. Don't put up with anymore from them - you have every right to complain until you get her the proper care. You are a great daughter and I'm praying for your Mom and your family right now. Keep us posted.


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Sorry about the mess with your Mom!

I can not believe they are giving her pills when she is having problems with her esophagus, I was in the hospital for 5 days before when my throat swelled shut because of radiation and chemo. I don't know what area you live in but I found that that Slurpees or Icee's helped my throat so much when I was having problems. 7-11's carry Slurpees, I think that Burger King carries the Icee's. I lived on them and they also helps with nausea.

Hope things get better SOON!

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Hey there! Don't you worry about long posts, that is why we are here, now you need to ride their butts like Zorro until they help her! grrr It makes me mad too! Also make sure they are hydrating her like crazy if she has been having the runs she is dehydrated for sure.

mean while I will say some prayers for you!

biggest hugs Steph

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Thank you all for your responces and prayers.

Justakid, thanks will be sure to try the icees and slurpies.

Today she is doing much better. She did have a urinary infection and C. Diff in her bowels. That really makes me made because she has had diarrhea for weeks. I saw an atrtical about this and told her to tell her doctors to check for it. They finally did it and told her that wasn't it. I just knew thats what it had to be. I should have told my mom they needed to test again. We are still waiting for the results on the blood cultures.

She is on a feeding tube until her esophagus heals enough so she can eat better.

Thanks again everyone! I know I don't post often but this board has been a big help for me. I've learned a lot from your posts and have been able to help give good advice to my folks.

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