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Any comments on Taxotere?


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I was just wondering if any of you who have had treatment with taxotere would give me a little information on your particular side effects, successes etc. that resulted.

Ron's treatment will involve at least 6 treatments (if it is determined to be working after 3 treatments) and perhaps even 10.

I would appreciate and comments.

Thanks so much.


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My father was treated w/ Taxotere. 3 treatments, one every three weeks. He received nupigen injects with this, as it lowered his blood counts. The doctor had told him that he would lose all his hair, however he only lost about 70%. He did get very dehydrated and needed to get IV fluids a few times. He also developed an infection soon after the first treatment and was treated with antibiotics. No nausea or vomitting. He responded very well to it. All in all, it wasnt too bad. (Easy for me to say, since I wasnt the one taking it!!)

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I've had Taxotere. I had 5 of 6 treatments. My blood counts went way down, I lost my hair, really fatigued. Had to stop because my counts were so low I had to go into the hospital with an infection.

BUT......... I had 30% shrinkage!

It is only about a 45 minute drip and only 1 pre-med, so as far as that goes, it was pretty easy.


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Lucie's first chemo was taxotere, with carboplatin. Her hair fell out, she had diarrhea, her fingernails and toenails turned black, she got a mouth fungus, she was nauseated. There were treatments for all but the hair loss, which made it better. With all that, it worked well for her and she went into remission for a while. Good luck. Don P. S. I called it "taxoterror" because it has such bad side effects, but it was effective, and that is what counts.

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Hi Janet,

My dad had a cisplatin/taxotere mix after his lobectomy. He said that it was much harder than the subsequent taxol/carbo he got afterwards. He did have an allergic reaction to the chemo and had to get benadryl before, steroids, anti-nauseas, etc. Unfortunately another node was found during the cisplatin/taxotere combo so he stopped it and changed to the taxol/carbo with radiation. What I've learned is its different for everyone but that was his experience. Hope it helps.


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My brother was on taxotere. He lost all of his hair after the first treatment... No nausea or vomiting... He received only 3 treatments out of 6... each treatment every 3 weeks... Very fatigue by 3rd day after treatment, joint/muscle pain of feet and hands, dehydrated, low blood count, sore throats, nails of *hands and feet* turned greyish in color and very thin, numbness of the feet and with 3rd treatment severe pneumonia.

He was taken off after the 3 treatment ... there was a significant shrinkage of the primary tumor!

It wasn't bad according to him except that his counts were so low all the time and he got infections very easily, last one pneumonia!

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I had my 4th Taxotere/Carboplatin treatment today. I am receiving this chemo weekly aduvant with radiation daily. Had my 13th radiation today.

My understanding is that the adjuvant dosage administered with radiation is much lower than were it chemo alone. It is not really systemic chemo when administered in this fashion but is supposed to add some juju to the radiation.


So far I seem to be tolerating this treatment well. I was a little fatigued and slightly nauseous over the past weekend. I don't think I was drinking enough fluids. It seems to help ifyou really pour in the fluids with this stuff. I try to stick to water.

It may be a little counter-intuitive but for me the nausea is relieved by eating. It reminds me of sea sickness in that sense. I used to do a lot of ocean sailing. All the old salts said if you felt a little off in heavy seas, eat. Worked then. Seems to work now.

The Taxotere is definitely thinning my hair. Oh well...

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