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I know you are nervous about your WBR today. I just want you to know that I am thinking about you and sending many prayers your way. Please try and think about the end result and getting a clean MRI in a few months. I'll be thinking about you.


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Jen, my thoughts and prayers are with you just about hourly. You are a strong lady and you can get through this - there are alot of strong thoughts and prayers from everybody here. Please let me know if I can do anything at all or if you just want to talk.

Love and hugs,

Nancy B

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Thanks so much for the posts. It means a great deal. I am ok.

3 WBR done. Ovaries come out soon. I as told I will actually be put in some text book if they are sclc as its so rare. Arnt I the lucky girl?

Onco agreed to Topo and VP-16 pills as my next line of chemo to start after wbr. I think thats too long to wait but they dont like wbr and chemo together I hear.

Scared, miserable, mad,sad, disappointed and more upset at the strange "your gonna be dead" vibes I am feeling from med staff. Onco nurses crying and hugging me etc..... All med. staff have been so GD negative. No real hope offered. All different med staff, all top notch. It has made me ill.

The reality is this is bad and the prognosis worst. I also cant imagine having the steram to do it all again, w/o a lot of hope, for chronic care seeing no end to the tx in sight. I just cant stand it.

Thanks again for the posts.

Thank-you for being w/ me all year through this miserable GD journey. I can't imagine having done it w/o this board.


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:roll: hey jen-you show them ---you fight girlfriend--what the hell do they know about YOUR body--You know the fight in you and you let it loose girl!!!!!!!!!!!! NEVER GIVE UP__why would we!!!!

you have a beautiful family and a hell of lot to LIVE for! they are just gd medical staff(as i am-r.n) and there is a hell of alot the medical staff doesn't know nor are M.d's fricking GOD!!!

i am so angry--people need to be treated better than that--this is god's world not ours and we don't say who lives or dies. god bless you--love, nancy c :):):):)

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