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lesions on thoratic verterbral (back spine)

Guest spiritual

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Guest spiritual


my partner is getting an MIR on her lower back and neck this Friday 4/29. We will get the results in a week or sooner. She has been experiencing numbness on her right side. We met with her oncologist yesterday and he doesn't think it is from the Tarceva that she is on since it would have affected both sides. He said if the test result show its from the lesions (lower back) and the results from her chest CT SCAN show that the Tarceva is working on her primary tumor then he will keep her on Tarceva and perhaps do radiation on her lower back area to allievate the numbness. It sounded as if that was all that could be done since she is stage iv nslc and it has metastaes through her bloodstream.

She remains strong otherwise spritually and takes life one day at a time. While she remains strong and once we figure out the next plan, I hope to take her to SeaWorld since we both adore the dolphins and want to share the experience together since we never been there.

Has anyone else experience the lesions in the back causing numbness or any feed back on how you handle other lesions/tumors occuring aside from your primary tumors?


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My wife's lc was discovered because she got numbness, then pain, in her left arm and hand. One of the mets was on her upper spine, C7-T1, and caused this. She went through radiation and chemo, and has not had a problem there since, although she did lose some permanent function in her hand from the spinal damage. Best to you both. Don

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