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Time for an update and a special message to Bet and cathyr.


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Lots of new folks (unfortunately) since last I posted. I haven't updated lately because there hasn't been anything to update ... until last week. I've been on O2 on a prn basis almost since the start of my dx. Realy haven't had to use it much at all. But Thursday around 2pm I suddenly started haveing a lot of trouble exhaling. I mean a LOT of trouble. Felt like I'd just finished a mile run and all I had done was walk to the bathroom and back. So I used my combi-vent inhaler and got on the O2 real quick. In a few moments I'd gotten my breath back. Took off the O2 and within a couple minutes was gasping for air again. The upshot of all that is I'm now on O2 24/7 and use combi-vent from a nebulizer every 6hrs. Oh well, the 15min I spend on the nebulizer just gives me that much more time to watch our silly birds who've decided to come back after all that rain.

I FINALLY qualified for an In Home Supportive Services worker. She comes in once a week for about 7 hours. I also got a regular wheel chair that we can fold up and put in the back of her car so it looks like I'll be getting out a bit more. That will be a nice change of pace for me.

End of my update.

To Bet and cathyr: I read the news of your recent turn of events with much sadness. My hope for you both is that your experience with hospice will be as good as mine has been.

Bet, Cathy, the path we've been given to walk was, of course, not one of our choosing. But walk it we will. And, by chance or design, we don't have to walk it alone. I've been on that path a little longer than either of you which in no way makes me any kind of expert on the subject. I've just had a little more time to stumble over the rocks and logs that seem to be strewn all over the place. And maybe, if you wish, I can point out a few of them and save you both a twisted ankle or bruised shin.

Feel free, either of you, to PM me for my phone number if you think it might be of help.

In the meantime remember to take things one day at a time and, if at all possible, to find a little joy in each day.

Prayers for you both.


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Wow. You made my day!

Do you realize what an uplift it is just to see your name on a post? Then reading your marvelous words is an extra bonus on top of that.

I'm so glad you are hanging in there. You are a real role model for the rest of us.

Take care.


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SO glad to see your update, even tho it means you have the o2 on all the time. At least it does help.

I remember when you got your scooter. I would of thought you had a w/c. Oh well glad you got it and can get out again.

I was hoping to go to Fl. this summer for some of the attractions. I checked into all the places and they have scooters to rent. I know I would need one to get around those places.

I am glad to see your pic up here again. Stay in touch.


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I'm not able to be "here" much these days, but checked in for a minute this morning and it made my day to see your post. I have learned a lot about life from you. I'm sorry to hear about your breathing problems, and will keep you in my prayers, as always.


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I am relatively new, but not so new that I haven't seen many of your posts. My gosh - there are just so many heroes on this board it is unbelievable! You are awesome and an inspiration. May you continue to offer hope to those of us following behind you.


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Great to see your post Dean. I can't tell you what your words do to my soul ... my words will not express this well enough. God bless you and your wife and keep you. Hope you are able to get out with that new wheel chair and have some fun, Dean style.

Lots of love to you.

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