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The plan is carboplatin/taxotere for four to six months. She stats radiation therapy to her hip on Monday. The radiation oncologist was very positive. It's a small lesion and the hip will heal itself. It's amazing what a difference one doctor can make. On May 19th we are going to see Dr.Corey Langer at Fox Chase Cancer for a second opinion on our chemo plan. Plus the doctor we are seeing now is not very informative and does not show much emotion. I rold my Mom a "doctor is like a shoe,you have to keep trying them on to you fnd one that fits." Although I believe her current oncologist may be good, he doesn't give the emotional support she needs from a physcian. Also he does not educate a patient well on his treatment plans. I am a little familiar with this, since I work in a hospital lab for over thirteen years and healthcare all my life. Well thank you all this message board is like a ray of hope in a terrible storm..........

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Sounds like your mom has a good plan of attack. Most oncologists are non-emotional and distant -- perhaps not to get overwhelmed and to remain objective. Lucie gets her emotional support from her family doctor, but we would not trade our onc for anything -- he is very up-to-date and aggressive, and that is what we want from him. Best to you and Mom. Don

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Hi: it sounds like your mom has a good treatment plan, but seeking a second opinion in a treatment plan is a good idea. I know I appreceiate having an oncologist who explains his reaoning to me and is willing to discuss stuff I find on line. As and added plus, he is a kind person. The first thing he says to me on an office visit, is "Hi Don, how is it going?" And he always asks me ,"what have you been doing for fun lately?"

Don M

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