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If you are extensive and doing well please help my sister


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my sister is not doing so well today she feels lost and scared and mad and so many other things. Its hard to say that things are going to be ok because I dont know that but I know that its 2005 and there are some good treatments and new drugs out there. If you are extensive and are still doing well or at lease still trying to fight the good fight please let me know she needs to see that you guys are out there.Please also tell me why you are fighting if you are extensive so I can let her know because she needs help and a reason to keep fighting. She is strong and I know that she will find her way but a little help from you would mean the world to me. she is young 42 so if your able to help me help her then I would be greatful I am thinking of you all in your time of need and hope that you are doing the best that you can. thank you.

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Dear ??

Is your sister's name Jen? I saw your post yesterday or the day before and she EXACTLY fits the description of our own Jen or "jcawork". Check out this link and let us know if this is your sister. If not, I think all of the answers to Jen's post might also help your sister.

I personally can't be of much help because my husband has NSCLC. I have been away from the board for a few days but have been reading some and couldn't help but sense the desperation in your voice and just wanted to give you some encouragement.

Please know that there are many SCLC extensive survivors here. Please check out this link:




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I sent your sister a pm on how to look up about Clinical Trials (do google search sclc clinical trial) and alot of information comes up. Hopefully she'll be able to get some answers this way. I pray for her all the time. She's so sweet. We all know how hard this is, but I believe there is always hope.


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yes, you must be Jen's sister, this sounds just like her.

Listen, she knows my husband Dave's story, but he was diagnosed in March 2003 with SCLC limited, had chemo and radiation and PCI, was in remission for almost a year, and then it came back, just in his right forehead skull/sinus area, had chemo and radiation to it, they think it is gone, but at the end of that treatment found mets all over the place, bones, liver, skull, he is now undergoing his third chemo regiment and he is fighting hard. Why? because he wants to live. he wants to help me raise our beautiful daughter, who is 3.5 and adopted from China just five months before his initial diagnoses. and because he refuses to let something like cancer defeat him.

I wish her the best. I hope she can do what it takes to fight this thing. a positive attitude, strong will to live are key. and so is strong support from family, which she definitely gets from you.

take care and please keep us informed.

God Bless,


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