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Oh that is soooo hard to watch those little tikes go through that. :(:(:( Both my Grandkids had lots of UR Infections the first 3 years of there lives. They are growing out of it now.(Thank GOD)! It just broke my heart to see them go through all that. And to put them on a Neb as well. I'm sure he'll be just fine! Tough little stinkers they are!

Adding my prayers.

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Update on Nathaniel (finally).

Little Nathan is doing much better and being weaned off his steroids. He's a happy boy and a half-pint handful! His Mommy is planning his first birthday party for next month and celebrated her first mothers' day today.

Thank you for all the prayers, he's doing just fine!

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I'm happy to hear this great news. I have been wondering how he was doing, but trying to be patient and wait for you to post something. This is good to hear. Hope it makes your Mother's Day extra special.


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