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Hello and Thank You


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I need to post a huge THANK YOU to all of the members of this club.

My husband Jim, age 54, was diagnosed with Extensive Small Cell on New Years Day, 2004. I found this site sometime in the Spring of 2004 and eagerly read your posts and your bios. I often asked Jim’s doctor about treatments that I read in your bios. I also felt pain, sadness, and joy, depending on the news that was posted.

I’ve grown attached to some of you, even though you wouldn’t know me. I’ve PM’d CindyRN several times; she is a godsend. I love to read Don’s words of comfort and think good thoughts for Lucy. I could fill up paragraphs with names of others, but really I just wanted to say Thank You to all for supporting me even though I did not feel comfortable posting.

Jim left on March 31, 2005. He never wanted to discontinue treatment and continued until the day he entered the hospital for the last time. When I spoke to him, he would raise his eyebrows really high just to try to get a peek, but his eyes would no longer open. I couldn’t understand his words the last week, except a very clear question one day, ‘Why are you wearing your pajamas in the middle of the day?’. I laughed with him because I was wearing a sweat suit that he thought was really ugly, although he had not opened his eyes in days. He could still smile occasionally and was just as handsome as when I married him 27 years ago when he was an old man of 27 and I was a 19-year old young lady. He was 6’2â€

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Oh Lynne, Please accept my condolences on the passing of your soul mate.

Just keep those wonderful memories of him alive and he will live on forever in you.

One of these days you will meet again and it will be a blessed reunion.

Try not to greive too much and get on with your life. That would make he very content knowing you are alright. Just try and keep yourself busy. That always helps.

We are always here to listen and help you if you need us.

Please take care.


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Hi Lynne.

So very sorry for the loss of your handsome husband. Your post touched my heart. I want to say something nice.. if you could hear my grandmother's voice then you would hear the sweetness when she said, "poor thing. Poor, poor thing." So very sorry, Lynne.

Cindi o'h

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I'm so sorry you lost your loving husband. Your post really touched my heart. :cry: Know that you are welcome here and you have just become part of this family. None of us want to belong here, but we are so thankful to have one another. Know that my thoughts and prayers are with you. I pray for you to have strength to get through the coming days.

God Bless you,


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Wow! Your replies really lifted my spirits! I wasn't sure if I could continue to log in and read everyone's progress, but I find myself drawn to you. You inspired me with each step Jim and I took together for 15 months. Even though I don't post often, I want to laugh when you tell a funny, cry when one of you has sad news, and cross all of my fingers and toes when any of you need a lift. And, an extra bonus is how good you made me feel when you replied to this tentative post.

I cannot find words big enough to Thank You.


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I think one step at a time -- one day at a time -- would be a good plan right now. Also, you can continue to come here for the boost you may need to go on. Many have walked in your shoes - Ginny, as she just mentioned above, for one.

Please know we grieve with you and are wishing for you a smooth road ahead.


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