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leg surgery went fine

Cindy RN

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I am home and NOT feeling any pain 8)8)8)8)

I did get the bracket and screws to bring home. I DO NOT know what to do with them but the kids thought it was cool. Ha!

I am up walking with crutches and should do fine. I did wake up DURING the procedure and I remember saying "Hey", -- then said --"I said you don't want me to be awake during this!!" Then I woke up later in another room. The nurse said it was funny, they just gave me more versed and I went right back to sleep. HA! I think I want some of that stuff to keep around home. Never know when it might come in handy.

Love Cindy

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Cindy, so glad you are home and doing well. Versed is great stuff - I get that for my colonoscopys (5 of um) I woke up during a breast biopsy but I couldn't talk, scary deal. My surgeon was very surprised when I quoted to him what he said the last 15 minutes of the surgery. He said "that's not suppose to happen"!!!

Prayers for a quick recovery and everything gets back to normal.

Prayers and hugs,

Nancy B

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Hi Cindy,

Welcome back and so glad you are up and about already.

I am so glad everything went fine. Now you just have to heal, and you will feel so much better now that those screws are out.

Take your time and heal.


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Glad all went well - with the exception of waking up. Figures it would happen to you, huh? Maybe Roxy could play with the plate and screws. I LOVE that face!!!!!!!!!!!! When I scroll I LOOK for it. That picture NEVER fails to bring a smile to my face!


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Glad to hear all went well. About the waking up -- both my sister and I have had colonoscopies. I have had sleep problems for the longest time and she's the kind that can fall asleep anywhere. Wouldn't it figure that I woke up during the colonoscopy and she slept right through it??? Here's to a quick recovery for you!

Gail p-m

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Glad you're home, Cin...even if you sound a little "la-la" at the moment. Could it be the meds...ya think? :wink:

Keep that plate and screw...and one of these days you'll have an inspiration for what to make out of them.

Or not.

Then you can throw them out! 8)

I'm just glad this is over for you.

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