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Hello everyone. This is just a quick update.

Hubby is still doing ok, just some fatigue. Our son, however, continues to get worse every day. Today, they are attempting to get him moved to IU Hospital in Indianapolis where they specialize in pancreatic disorders. Any spare prayers out there are much appreciated.

I've still been quickly checking the site 2 or 3 times a day and want you to know that I continue to pray for all of you, I've just been pretty busy.

Becky, I so hope your little Nathaniel will be well soon. Tina, DARN THAT NODULE! Prayers for Charlie. Dean, it was refreshing to see a post from you. Cindi, I'm so sorry to hear about your vision problem and hope it never returns. Ditto that for Bill - I hope your wife's eye problems can be taken care of. Kathi, try to not get to discouraged about your dad's recurrance. We all just need to keep getting back in the fight. Sharon, you are going to be sooooo missed. I hope in time that you will be better able to cope with the loss of your sweet dad. Beth, I'm thrilled to hear how much better Bill is doing.

There are just so many more of you that I want to talk to, but I just don't have time. You all take care, and hopefully things around our house will get back to normal very soon.

All my love,


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As a mom, I kind of feel that knot in the pit of your tummy right about now, with all that is going on with your son. And of course your hubby as well.

I am so sorry you have to go through all this. For some darn reason, when it rains it POURS!

Hope things turn around for your son. Keep an eye on what your body might be saying to you during this stressful time. We tend to ignore warning signs to SLOW down when we have so much stress going on.

I'm glad to hear things are getting a little better for hubby.

Best wishes,


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Women are like tea bags - put 'em in hot water and see how strong they are! You're doing well in a bad situation, must be that mental fortitude.

Hang in there, we're all behind you, all the way!



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You have been greatly missed around here. Please know that we are all praying and pulling for you and your family. I'm just a hop East and a jump over the state line...if you need ANYTHING Peggy!

Love and prayers,

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Dearest Peggy,

I guess I have not read far enough back to have known anything about your son. I am so sorry to hear he is ill also. Give it to God Peggy and have faith as you always do. You and your family are in my prayers as always.

God bless and love,


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I have read this post over and over and left without posting - don't know what to say. It must be so difficult for you - worrying about both your husband and your son. Your heart must be doing flip flops. And all of this happening so soon after losing your Dad.

Peggy, my only advice is don't forget you. You need to take care of yourself (and a little pampering) to keep you healthy in mind and body.

Keep us posted as you have time. I am an optimist thinking you have any time.

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