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Sorry, kind of gross


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I'm sorry, this is a bit gross, but I'm trying to find some answers...again.

Bill has been on and off antibiotics for the past two months due to a persistent cough. While in the hospital and on an IV antiobiotic drip, he began to feel better and the cough was subsiding...but here we are a week later and it is returning. He's so sick of scans and tests that are offering no explanation for this cough. Now the gross part...when he coughs and is able to get a productive cough...he brings up a very clear (although occassionally a foamy white) very sticky and thick mucus. Lacking any greenish or yellow color, the doctors don't think he has an infection, yet keep giving him antibiotics to "try" and clear it up. I've asked if this could be pneumonitis (sp), but haven't gotten any answers.

Anyone else have similar problems?


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Gosh, Beth, I don't know anything about pneumonitis but I have a problem with very thick mucous (sp). It was even noted in my surgical report. My allergy doctor and my pulmonologist recommended Mucinex (twice a day)to thin it out. I recently got bronchitis that turned into pneumonia (mild case) and I was told by my pulmonologist to get back on the Mucinex (it is over the counter). It really does help. Some times I can't even talk without clearing my throat constantly but this does help.

My thoughts and prayers are with you guys.

Nancy B

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I'm not sure I can be of any help, but my husband , Mike, has recently been diagnosed with pneumonitis. His symptoms are severe shortness of breath, a dry non-productive or only occassionally clear mucous cough , and he was running a slight fever for a few days. On his CT scan it showed up as inflammation also.

At first the doctor thought it may be infection and treated him with Ketek antibiotic , as well as allegra for his sinuses , especially since his allergies are kicking up as well. Now, he is being treated with high doses of prednisone for 8 weeks plus oxygen 24/7. He also uses a nebulizer 3 times a day with Xopenex . He is on the second week of therapy. His cough is almost entirely gone at the moment. He has no fever and his breathing is improving. Don't know if any of this helps. I sure hope Bill feels much better soon.



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Beth, Brian and I can't help w/ info but want to say don't think we think things are gross.

Thank God for this site and for all the help we get.

Gross is the fact that all our plans for the future are on hold and that Bri and Bill feel so sick........that's gross!

Mucus and poop and blood and sputum and biopsy "stuff" and emisis...........well, those are just the outward signs of what we are suffering w/ inside.

Tell Bill that Brian sends his best and hug yourself for me.

Pat and Bri

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Bill and Beth...

When I get congested, which is often, things that come up are thick. I have radiation pneumonits...(still. which is very uncommon) and even less common is interstitial fibrosis. My symptoms closely resemble what you describe. Does Bill have a pulmonologist?

Cindi o'h

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Guest marchwinds05

I just joined and am hoping to learn a lot, get support, give support when I can also. I am going to try the suggestion for the Mucinex. I sure hope it works. My DH has been gagging for almost 2 weeks with what you talk about. I am guessing this is part of it, so I hope this helps.

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