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It's been a GOOD WEEK!


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I actually sound funny to myself writing those words when only days ago I informed you all of my intentions to turn to hospice as the brain and spinal mets have progressed quite rapidly now.

It's a strange feeling. I've always been blessed by knowing I am loved and born into an incredible family, but it is still overwhelming to me to experience this kind of support and encouragement from family and friends in similar and even worse scenarios than myself.

I feel so much love for all of you here on this board and I am sure that now my family has discovered our little secret, that they too will find as much comfort and knowledge as I have from you all.

I have so much more to say, but will have to continue later. Just wanted to get this out.

My prayers and blessing and miracle believing still remain strong. God bless us all. We will get through it together.

Hugs to you and your family,

CathyR :P:lol:

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May you continue to have Good Weeks, Cathy....for a long, long time. Your attitude and outlook have much to do with it, along with the love of family and friends (both there and here)....so keep it all up, girl. We're with you all the way....

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Cathy, it was so good to hear from you. You certainly have a great family who love you so much.

I pray you feel better everyday, and also for that miracle.

Peace be with you during this time in your life. I hope you are not in pain.

Thinking of you and send healing vibles.


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Much thanks for letting us in on your "little secret". I speak for the family when I tell you, that this site has given us all great comfort and hope this past week. How blessed you are to have such a "pool" of friends that love you so much. I cried and laughed out loud all week reading your stuff and all the responses. Mostly though I was reminded by all that is written how very special you are!!!!

Well sis, were on our way up to see you with little man...Much love, hugs and hope...

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I, too, pray for miracles, and I DO believe they happen.

You have been - and will continue to be - in my prayers each day. I am praying, now, for a week just a little better than this one was. I believe it can be.


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When I read the responses from your family on your other post, I thought how very lucky you are to have such a kind and loving family. I am glad you had a good week and hope you have many many more.

Oh and since you're having such a good week maybe you will take pity on Andrea and send her your oyster stuffing recipe. :lol:

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One of the things that I admire most about you, Cathy, is your joy in life, even when life has thrown devasting hurdles directly in your path. You continue to make the best of the life you have today. You continue to LIVE, doing so in the way you have chosen and on your terms.

I haven't read a single thing that implies that you are waiting to die.

I salute you and your spirit.

Fay A.

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I'm so glad you have had a good week. You do have such a wonderful, loving and supportive family . Hopefully, you know you have the love and prayers of all of us , as well.

I want to thank you for sharing your experiences with us, all of them. Sharing the good times and the bad times is very helpful to all of us. Sometimes, even sharing the bad times makes them become good times... :wink: , as seems to be your case this week. Isn't it wonderful to know that people really, really do care. We are all so blessed to have this board. As for you Cathy, I am praying for you every day . I too am a believer in miracles and in the power of prayer. I look forward to everything you would like to share with us.

God Bless you,


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