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It's been a GOOD WEEK!


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Find myself compelled to write again tonight.

I think one of the most important characteristics of my life is to never think of myself as a victim. I believe we all have choices if nothing more than to consider ourselves in that light or not.

Victims were Jewish Holocoast people. People who chose to live with abusive spouses or family can take themselves out of that situation. I am not trying to simplify that, just give it some perspective.

Yes. I smoked for too many years and obviously helped to create my condition now in life. I am not going to beat myself up about it however. Mostly, I choose NOT TO BE A VICTIM. It makes me feel good to help others less fortunate than me. As you can all see from responses to my posts from family and friends, I have been more blessed than a lot of people. I am humbled and proud to be a part of this important group of survivors. YOU ARE THE STRENGTH. AND NONE OF YOU ARE VICTIMS EITHER. We are only humans trying to be human. I am learning just how important it is to be very kind to each other.

Loving you all and ready for sleep.

CathyR :D:D

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Your post is beautiful and inspiring and thought provoking. I feel the same about the victim thing. I'm not a victim, this is just life. Remember, there are no promises, there never were. We created this stuff in our head that life is going to be a certain way and that of course sets uus up to fail. If you can accept that you really have no control at least over the big stufff (like cancer) then you can 'LIVE' wi/out fear. Don't give up fighting but no in the end that ultimately it is not your decision on how long you will live. Enjoy today, because you ARE here TODAY!!!! Count the blessings you have been given from the time you were small and see how good God has been to you.

Cathy I hope today is a wonderful day for you filled with lots of love and reminders of God's grace and keep posting us, OK? Melanie

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Cathy - your positive attitude continues to inspire me and the way I live my life.

I also want to let you know how very much your email to Kacy meant to her. I hope she heeds your words of wisdom and continues to live her life with her feelings and emotions on her sleeve. She is a beautiful child inside and out. And it is amazing how well you read her from her one email and song to you. Your insight into others is such a gift and I'm so glad you share it.

Am thinking of and praying for you! Keep up the great attitude.

Love ya lots!


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Cat,What can I say. You make me so proud to be your sister! I know you know I have the utmost respect for you. Like I told you in the poem I wrote you, I will always be with you. You are stuck with me sis,forever!It doesn't surprise me of the wonderful response you have received. You are that special glow in this universe. I know your light will always shine. I love you so much but I know you know that.Deb.

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Can you believe this family of mine?

Lisa, it is you, Kacy, Kyle, your dad, Eric, and Robert who give me strength and inspiration. Just when I thought my week would be so awful with deciding to give up the chemo and radiation, I feel stronger every day.

Your messages, Debby's, mom, Caryl, David, and of course my other family on the survivor board overwhelm me with grace and love.

Please know it is returned a thousand fold!

I love you,

Hugs forever,


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Dear Cathy -- and all your family,

Do you know how much you've inspired all of us? You've just been an incredible --hate this much over used word but it's apropos-- role model and you've brought some joy and happiness into a world that often seems so bleak.

So go on having more and more good weeks -- I'm betting there's no end of them looming up ahead of you.


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