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To our 2 Melanies


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Goood morning, what a sweet surprise to find this post.

I am about the same. Vision is still not back, but I guess I'm getting accustomed to it albeit everything is still blurry, and out of focus. Dr. still thinks in time it my brain will 'compensate' for it.? I start WBR tomorrow. Doc says all the hair will fall out again. Just had gotten to where i wasn't wearing hats all the time. Oh well, it won't be forever.

I must share something that happened over the weekend. My 2 oldest daughters are on the dance team at high school of which I'm very involved w/booster club. This weekend was our annual Spring Show where they showcase all their dances in a 2 hour show w/professional sound and lighting. About 2 dances into it they dedicated the whole show to 'those we love affected by cancer'. Then my daughters did this beautiful dance to "In the arms of an angel" by Sara McLaughlin and there wasn't a dry eye in the whole place. My one daughter was in a black flowing dress lying on a bed representing death/cancer and my other daughter plus 3 other girls all came out from under the bed in long white flowing dreses representing life and angels. They moved and danced and it was so beautiful that i can't even describe it. And they did it for me which in itself was overwhelming and touching. I am so incredibly blessed and loved and I just wanted to share all that with you guys.

Thank you to all who remember me in prayer and daily thoughts. I love all of you and thank Katie and Rick for this site and it's powerful words.

Love, Melnaniem

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How powerful

What a blessing

How very very loved you are!

What wonderful children/teachers/friends

We are in tears and thankful for this gift!!

Sending more prayers and more support.

We are in complete AWE of God's Glory and like CathyR said, we are learing: "How important kindness is"

Brian and Pat

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Hello everyone,

As MelanieM said, what a nice surprise! Thank you for thinking of me even thhough I am not up to posting a lot lately. I can still read the postings pretty well but typing takes forever. To MelanieM, your posting was beautiful. I wish I could have been there,, I was in teears just reading iit.

Hugs & prayers,,


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