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Thank you all

Deb J.

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Well, my mom & dad have been checking out the site and reading all of your responses. My whole family is very moved by your warm welcome and support.

My father saw his oncologist on Friday and she is considering changing him from Iressa to Tarceva. He is paying out of pocket for the Iressa and it is (as most of you know) very expensive!! He gets most of his drugs from the VA, althought they would not cover Iressa, his doctor thinks they may cover Tarceva.

Please know, my family has each and every one of you in our prayers. Also, I was reprimanded by my father for "Jumping the Gun." He is 70, not 71. (Birthday June 1st.) Sorry Dad!! :lol::lol:

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Please let us know if the VA covers the Tarceva. I hope it works for your dad...be aware that many of our members that started on 150 mgs. had to go down to 100 due to the side effects at the higher dosage. Wishing you all the best!


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Hi Deb..

So glad that your Dad is getting the help that he needs. Hope he can swing a way to pay for the meds.

I just got on medicare starting yesterday, so it will be a whole 'nother world I shall have to learn about.

Glad that Mom and Dad found us too.. welcome, Mom and Dad! Any questions, just ask. One of us should be able to help by drawing on our own experience. We have the "ask the experts" forum in which real live oncologists can answer even the toughest questions. They are just great and do this as a pro bono service to us.

All the best to you and to your family.

Cindi o'h

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Hi Deb, Welcome and welcome to your family. You really made a boo boo saying your dad is 71 :shock:

You received a lot of advice from different posts for helping if you do not have ins. to cover the medication. I pray one works for your dad.

We will have a round of drinks for your dad at Cindi's pub on June 1st to celebrate his 70 + Just remind us, and we will make all the arrangements. :D

Please take care and we are always here for you.

Again welcome to our little world. :wink:


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Hi Deb. I'm glad you and your mom and dad found our site.

We've got a lot of very smart people here who have been down this road and have answers to just about any question you could come up with. Ask anything you want, no matter how silly it seems. It's probably been asked before.

We also have a lot of fun. Don't forget to check out the Just for Laughs forum. It's very helpful to get through this fight with some good humor.

Lots of love coming your way,


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