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My Sweatshirt.....

Fay A.

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LOVE IT!!! I'd love one to wear to see my old Oncologist, and laugh in his gloomy face. (The one who told me from the outset that about 8 months survival would be a good thing, and who insisted - wrongly - that my adrenal glands were involved and put me through 9 kinds of heII over it.)

The caner center where I go is supposed to have a reunion -- soon, I think. I'm going to stop by there if for no other reason than to let them know I'm alive and kicking. So far!

Fay, I'd expect nothing less from you. You go!!!


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Oh Fay, what an inspiration you will be to everyone! Just as you are here for us :lol:

I appreciate your wit, expertise, common sense, and advice. Some of your wisdom I wish I had printed out - for now I know I will never find it.

We are lucky to have you here for us. Now the Relay for Life people will find they are lucky to have you as well.

Good luck that day!


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You rock, Fay!! You'd better get a picture and post it here too, you hear? You don't have to include your face if you're shy...but we want a shot of that shirt!!! :wink:

You know what....probably A LOT OF US are living with it....more than we even know. What a lovely thought that is...compared to the alternative, huh?

But I love that you'll be out there advertising LIVING WITH LUNG CANCER~!

I may have to do up my own shirt too, as this year will be my first one, involved in the relay. Thanks for the inspiration, Fay.

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I know that we all handle this illness differently. And I respect the rights of others to make choices on how they will deal with their disease. But what worries me is that the presentation of the typical lung cancer patient I see on television is someone who is either asking for someone to "...end my suffering...", or contemplating doing so themselves. I have no doubt that many people who have Lung Cancer feel this way. But not everyone does. I want to make darn certain that as many people as possible know that not all Lung Cancer Patients feel like Life isn't worth living.

If we don't present our version of Lung Cancer Survivorship the only version some folks may see is the one presented on Television Shows. And, Folks, that is NOT my version.

I will do a photo.

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Our/your lung may not be 100% my dear, but I gotta tell you, there's nothing wrong with your brain. Your 120% right on.

Go Rock and Roll! (((((((((FAY A)))))))))))

AWESOME! PLEASE take pictures. :D

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