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BAR IS OPEN! J.C. "Jackie"

cindi o'h

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Hey everyone..we had quite a scare last week with Jackie. We thought we were going to have to be wiping her up off the floor today. But she came home today with the great news... there is nothin' there...nothin' to treat! YAY! Woohoo

Miss Jackie, with all that you have been through, you still do not have what it takes to be a member of the elitist's group of lung cancer survivors/warriors.

So, Let's all party down in honor of Jackie's good news. I am going to get a big fat Cuban cigar and get Jackie one too. Then we will get a fifth of Canadian Whiskey and pass it back and forth and share some pulls on it. You like CC, Jackie, or Winsor? Then we will tell stories and see who ends up rolling on the floor first....my guess it will be me. J.C. has her own little humor going on..

Congrats, Jackie!

Anyone else want a swig? ....Charlie?

Cindi o'h

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Well, I'm ready to party with Jackie!!!!!! Hope the bar is open to everybody. I'm still here since Beth's celebration. Hope everyone else shows up for Jacie and that you open the bar up. I AM thirsty.

Hearty congrats to you, Jackie. Best news all day!


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To all,

Yes the news is very good, my family doctor

was ecstatic when he review all the x-rays

with me this afternoon, the nodes are gone

from my lungs, no treatment or medication.

Now all I have to do is put on some weight,

otherwise I'll slowly fade away.

Tonight should be good I'll will eat as much

as I can and drink Cindi under the table,

Irish Cream for me, please.

Welcome all.

Thank you Cindi, your Pub is the best and

so are you.




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Great news, Jackie...and thanks to Cindi for starting you up a party!!

I'm hoping you've got some vodka or tequila around or I'm gonna have to steal one of Frank's Bud Lites in order to join in. CC ain't my thing. :?

Big sigh of relief on your news, Jackie. Now here's a plate of munchies....so pig out so you can put a few pounds back on....ok? :wink:

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This one is from PAMELA RITCHIE..pritchie. to Jackie..

YO yo yo, whut up, girlfriend?

I will have a Boomerang...goes down nice but then it hits you later...this one gets me chuckin and jivin, gigglin', and cuttin the rug..regular happy juice. Cindi, make it a double..! Cuz you are THE best bartender by far! (hahaha)

(pamela's computer won't let her post anymore, so she asked me to post congrats to you)

love to you, Jackie. Pamela.

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